Project Zomboid Free Download

Project Zomboid Free Download Build 21

Project zomboid download
Developer: Indie Stone Studios
Genre / Genre: Arcade Shooter, Sandbox (Sandbox-Game), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Language: English Version
Game Type: Beta- version (the game is still in development)
Size / Size: 381 MB (Installer itself), 1.24GB (Installed)
Project Zomboid is a survival/rpg video game, in which you try to survive in a city filled with millions of zombies. There is no escape, there is no cure. The end is near get ready for it.
This is the latest version of Profect Zomboid Build 21.
List of changes: Completely open world as it is now fashionable to call - sandpit. In any home you can go and poke any locker. The streets are not empty, what happens constantly - that move. This is all done, but the ground for imagination and vast improvements. No ultimate goal, the last boss or job. The only goal is to survive and survive as long as possible. Ultimately, you still die. But how you can last and what will be the last steps that are the concern. The atmosphere in the game is awesome - not carp. You're alone against the whole world and only depend on you, what you will eat tomorrow, and what kind of house you rob at night. Features a huge city with neighborhoods to rob, kill and explore. Completely open sandbox - the main task is to survive, and we regret to inform you in the end you will still die. You can get infected. How will you spend your last hours? Die in a heroic act, or will devour the insides of his best friend. Meet with other survivors. Trade, take to the party, take the job or kill for resources. Stealing, mining, and build everything you need to survive, be it food, drugs, weapons and even a drink to pass the night in this hell. Comprehensive crafting system allows you to create weapons, traps, barricades and a lot of differences that will help you survive. Character development: Hunger, disease, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, insanity, trust issues. Over time, the world is changing plant is chopped off, plunging the city into darkness, making batteries and canned basis of survival. Army conducts sweep the city from infected. And other pieces appear over time.

Stonehearth Free Donwload

Stonehearth Free Download

Stonehearth Free Download

This is the newest alpha build of the game, version 0.1.0r52. You can download Stonehearth here.
The game is still being developed. It's still in alpha stage but is perfectly playable. To get accepted into the alpha it usually costs 15$. From this website you can download it completely for FREE! And you DON'T have to complete any ridiculous surveys to download Stonehearth.

Cube World Version 0.1.1

Cube World Free Download

This is the updated 0.1.1 version of the game Cube World

Installation Instructions:
  • Extract the setup
  • Install the game
  • Play

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Terraria Collectors Edition

Terraria Collectors Edition - Free Download

This is the original copy of Terraria from it's collectors edition disk. Installation is clean, no need to crack any files. Just extract the files install and play. Multiplayer works too! What you are getting is the full genuine copy of the game!

Minecraft 1.7.2

Minecraft 1.7.2 Free download

What's included in the release:
  • Singleplayer;
  • Multiplayer;
  • Username selection;
  • Memory(RAM) allocation;
  • Minecraft update function.

Cube World

Installation notes:
1)Exctract all files into another folder.
2)run the Cube.exe